HS homecoming queen kicks game-winning field goal

Homecoming queen kicks game-winning field goal in Texas




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Letter Aaron Hernandez wrote from prison up for bid in auction

Lelands is including the correspondence from 2013 in its Masters Auction, with an opening bid of $300 and a closing date of Oct. 27.




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5 living ex-presidents to attend hurricane relief concert at Texas A&M

Democrats Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and Republicans George H.W. and George W. Bush will be at benefit at Texas A&M Saturday.




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5 baseball movies to binge-watch during the MLB post-season

From 'Major League' to 'Four Days in October,' celebrate all things baseball with these films.




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Weekend picks for book lovers: Tom Hanks, Amy Tan

Spend your weekend reading 'Uncommon Type' by Tom Hanks. Plus more recommendations by USA TODAY's book reviewers.




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I slept on a budget blow up mattress for 4 months—here’s what happened

College calls for desperate measures




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